Self-serve Migration FAQ


What type of data can I migrate with the Cloudasta Email Migration tool?

Our Email Migration app allows you to transfer emails exclusively. Running an email migration will only let you migrate your messages from one mailbox to another. Please note that this does not transfer any other Google data such as Google Drive and Docs data, contacts or Hangouts chats.

To learn more about what gets migrated please click here.


How many migrations do I have?

The Cloudasta Email Migration Tool provides unlimited mailbox migrations for companies that buy their Google Workspace licenses from Cloudasta by ShuttleCloud.

If you're not yet a Cloudasta customer, you can try one free migration. 


What do I need to run an email migration?

Before you can start your email migration, the Cloudasta Migration Tool must be installed by a Google Workspace administrator. We recommend checking out this article with detailed steps about running your first migration.


How long does it take for the migration to complete?

While there isn't a standardized timeframe, this depends mostly on the amount of data to transfer. Usually it can take between a few hours up to a couple of days. 


How can I check the status of my current migration?

You can go to and enter your migration ID to check on the status of your migration or you can send us an email at to check on the status of your migration. 


Where do I find my emails?

Once completed, you will find a new label with the source email address on your mailbox. You will find your emails there. 


Will I be notified once my migration is completed?

Yes, while setting up your migration, you have the option to enter an email address and Cloudasta will send a notification email when completed.

Will re-running the migration cause duplicate items in my mailbox? 

Restarting the migration tool will not create duplicates as each message contains a unique message ID and the migration tool looks for that ID in your mailbox, if found, it skips it to the next missing email.


Can I send/receive messages while the migration takes place?

Yes, you can use your email normally as this migration process happens in the background. Migrating will not interfere with your current mail delivery. 


Do I need to keep my computer ON while the migration is taking place?

No, the process happens at the server-level so there is no need to keep your device turned on.