What to expect after running my Self-Service Migration?

Now that you've successfully completed your first migration, you can navigate to your Google Workspace mailbox and scroll down to your labels, you will notice that there is a newly created label with the name of your source email address. Click on it to check all messages and feel free to rename the label if needed. 

Does this migrate any other Google data?

Our Email Migration app only supports email migration, there are easy ways to move Drive data, Calendars, and Contacts from one Google Apps domain (or Gmail account) to another:

Google Takeout allows you to export much of your data into an archive. You can select which specific services you'd like to export, and that information will be downloaded into physical files. Once backed up, you can then upload those archives into your new services manually. Here are a few resources to help out with that step:


For additional questions, feel free to review our Self-serve Migration FAQ.