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Our Signup Process

Great, so you’ve got Google Workspace and now you’re ready to start your migration right away. This guide will walk you through the complete signup process and your very first migration, so let’s get started. (Click here if you’ve already signed up!)

The signup process for Cloudasta is unique if you have never worked with a Workspace Partner before. During the signup process, you are notifying Google to transfer your domain to have Cloudasta as your Workspace Partner. This specifically mean you are switching over payment processing to Cloudasta, allowing us access to your domain, and finally Cloudasta becomes the distributor for your Workspace licenses.  

Right after you enter your name and email, you will be asked to generate your Google Transfer Token. When you fill out your Workspace domain and click the “Generate your token” button, you are contacting Google to generate a secure, time-sensitive Token. And by pasting that Token in the “Paste your token here” field and clicking the “Validate” button, you give Cloudasta permission to become your Workspace Partner (also very important - please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions).

You will notice now that you are prompted for a valid credit card, and we understand that you may wonder why a free application still requires a credit card. Since we become your Workspace Partner, we are required by Google to process billing for your Workspace domain. Your invoices will come through Cloudasta instead of Google, but your charges will not change and will continue to re-occur at the same interval. Of course, if the number of licenses on your subscription changes, your charges will also change accordingly. This helps Google keep a record of how well our sales and support team manages our client happiness, and remaining your Workspace Partner is the way Cloudasta generates revenue.

As such, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction and retention, but you may contact us to initiate the transfer of your licenses back to Google directly. Unfortunately, we would not be able to offer unlimited use of the migration tool or our reporting tools if this is the case.

Once you enter your credit card, you will complete the signup process and if you are currently logged into your Workspace Super Admin account, you will be granted access to our migration tool. From here you are just minutes away from to running your first migration.