Looking into creating more email addresses?

If you need to create additional email addresses for you or your team, there are different ways on how to do this depending on what you need. Please review the articles below to learn more about each one:


Do you need to adjust the way how you're set up now? No worries! We've got you covered! Just refer to the scenario that best suits you:


I have separate user accounts but I need an email alias instead:

In order to change from a user account to an email alias, you will need to delete your extra user account. To do this, you will need to back up any important emails/data before the user gets deleted. 

  • To move your emails, you can use our migration tool to migrate emails from one mailbox to the other.
  • To transfer Google Drive files ownership, you can do this in your Admin console. See this article to learn how to do it.


I have an email alias but I need a separate user with its own credentials and storage:

If you need a separate user mailbox, you will need to remove your existing alias and you can find the address attached to your main user in your Admin console. This article explains how to remove your user alias.


I have separate user accounts but I need an group email instead:

Similar to the first scenario, this process would require to delete the extra user account after you transfer your data to someone else. Once deleted, you can safely follow these steps to create your Google Group.