When should I use an Email Alias?

You don't always need to pay for an additional user account. Sometimes, you simply need an additional address to have your customers reach out to the same user individual and manage emails under the same mailbox.


Use email aliases if:

  • You handle multiple email addresses. For example, say you manage emails sent to customerservice@yourcompany.com, but you also manage emails sent to sales@yourcompany.com, support@yourcompany.com, etc.
  • Give your users an alternate address for receiving mail, additional to their primary address.
  • Give your users email aliases at no extra cost.

Don't use email aliases if:

  • You plan on using separate credentials to sign in to each account.
  • You plan on having multiple people accessing the same mailbox. For this, please refer to creating a collaborative inbox
  • You need separate Google Drive storage for each email address. 


To learn how to create email aliases, please refer to this article.