Retaining Data for Inactive Accounts

As the administrator of Workspace for your organization, you’re faced with the question of what to do with accounts when users leave your organization. While in the short term it makes sense to keep the accounts open, this may be critical if your company policy requires employee data to be retained for several years.

With our migration tool it is possible to easily migrate unnecessary accounts and consolidate them within one archive account to minimize the amount spent on Google Apps licenses.

Common Scenarios

  • Exiting employees: accounts that belong to users who are leaving the organization
  • Suspended: accounts that are currently suspended and still being paid for
  • Active-Abandoned: accounts that have yet to be suspended, but have not been used for some time and are still being paid for

Our Solution

With our migration tool, we help IT Admins retain their employees’ data without having to pay the fees associated with keeping the former employees’ licenses on the domain. By following our suggested approach, organizations can delete the licenses or allocate the licenses to new users after consolidating the accounts.


Whether IT Admins decide to use our email migration tool to consolidate accounts into a dedicated archive account or into the account of a new employee, the process is simple:

  1. Using the Migration Tool for Archiving
  2. (Additional Tips) Adding Google Vault to the Archive Account

Partner with Cloudasta as your company’s Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Partner for unlimited access to the migration tool!

In addition, we also support an in-depth licensing report to provide insights on your Workspace usage. This report will help you and your administrators identify accounts that may need to be consolidated due to inactivity.

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