Using the Migration Tool for Archiving

Creating an Archive Account

The first step in using the our migration tool for archiving purposes is to create an archive account to which data is going. While it is very possible to set a another user's account as the destination for email data, it is often best to create a dedicated account for archiving email data. This document will be outlining the steps as if data is migrating to a dedicated archive.

Access the Admin Console for you Workspace domain. Choose Users to proceed to the Users Panel.

Hover over the green circle in the bottom right to reveal additional options.

Click the bottom most option, Add user.

Create a user account with the domain name as the first name and “Archive” as the last name. We suggest also using the “” format for the actual account name. Choose a password that administrators can have access to and click Create.

Consolidating the Inactive Account

The process outlined in the following steps is for migrating into a dedicated archive account. If it is necessary to migrate into another user's account instead, simply choose the respective account from the dropdown list in Step 2.

Due to Google's limitations on simultaneous connections to the same account, it is best to run these migrations one at a time. If you are looking to consolidate many accounts, feel free to contact us at with details about your needs!

After creating the dedicated archive account, proceed to our email migration tool to run the migration (and here's a refresher on running our tool). In this example, the “” is an inactive account that will be consolidated.

Once the email migration has completed, the inactive account can be closed. Google will prompt the administrator to transfer Google Drive files to another account.

In order to maintain sharing settings and ensure that no important Drive files are lost, please assign these files to a supervisor or manager.

Confirmation of initiating the deletion process for the inactive account and data transfer.

Once the data has been transferred, there will be a folder in the administrator's Drive with all of the documents previously owned by the user. Sharing permissions are retained for all Drive files, so this is the best practice to ensure complete data retention.

Since storage is limited, any archive account will eventually reach its quota. The best way to retain the data within that account would be to add a Vault license to that account. Here is our guide for the best practices in setting up an archive account with a Google Vault license.