Migrating from a third-party provider

Migrating from a third party email provider requires the correct configuration of your provider's IMAP address.

1. Launch the email migration app. If you are not an administrator for your Workspace domain, you will only be able to migrate emails to your respective Workspace email account.

2. Configure the settings on the migration screen:

Select "Google" if the source email account is either a Gmail account (i.e. @gmail.com) or associated with a different Workspace account. 

Select "More/IMAP" if the email address is hosted by a third party provider. Cloudasta has a list of the IMAP addresses for the most common email providers, which you can access via the “hosts” drop down menu. If your email provider is not already listed, you must look up their IMAP address (via Google or contacting them directly). Note that all IMAP addresses must begin with the prefix "imap://" or "imaps://". Try both prefixes to see what works with your provider’s IMAP address.

Note: For any migration from a third-party provider, you will need the account's username and password information.

3. Enter a contact email address (any), and run the migration.

For a more detailed migration walkthrough, see our complete guide to Starting an Email Migration.