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How can I save money on my Managed Migration?

Working with Cloudasta (a Google Authorized Reseller) for both your Managed Migration and Google Workspace licensing will save you money while offering additional benefits.

We're able to offer a substantial discount on the one-time Managed Migration fee for customers who purchase their Google Workspace licenses through Cloudasta. While you end up paying the same (or maybe even less) for Google Workspace, when Cloudasta is both the migration and licenses partner we can receive: 

  • a margin from Google on the Google Workspace licenses
  • the ability to have a portion of the migration costs covered by Google via reimbursements or vouchers (depending on what type of Partner promotions Google is running)

We strive to deliver a "No Surprises" migration to each and every customer (and their end users). Doing so requires we follow a proven and comprehensive process.

  • We won't alter our process or cut corners to offer a lower price; instead, a one-time project is substantially more expensive in order to justify the amount of work required to setup and execute a project to our high standards for a short-term one-time project fee.  

Migration + Google Workspace licensing leads to a steady and reliable income for Cloudasta to continue to develop and maintain our migration application, our Managed Migration service and offer support (with humans) to our customers. While we realize that the notion of switching your GWS billing from Google can foster some hesitation at first glance, it is important to note that:

  1. The Google Workspace product remains the same and nothing will change in terms of how your company uses Google Workspace. 
  2. There’s no downtime either, working with a Google Partner is just a billing change, learn more here.

Cloudasta is a market leader for migration + licensing and hundreds of customers have benefited by getting the full value of our expertise. We're fortunate to have high demand for our service and, since capacity isn't infinite, we prioritize investing our time and reputation on relationships that will have a longer-term yield.