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Cloudasta as your Workspace (formerly G Suite) Partner

Partnering with Cloudasta will not raise your monthly Workspace costs, nor will it affect how you and your team use Workspace day-to-day. 

  • We are also - upon request - able to support payment via check or single annual payments (find out more by emailing help@cloudasta.com!)

  • From time-to-time, Google offers Reseller only promotions that Cloudasta passes onto our customers. These promotions are not available going through Google directly. We will help you save money on your Workspace spend! 

  • You also get an added layer of Workspace support from Cloudasta's Admin experts, please see this article.

The only difference in your billing operations is that we will process your monthly Workspace payments instead of Google, but your charges will not change and will continue to reoccur at the same interval. Of course, if the number of licenses on your subscription changes, your charges will also change accordingly. This helps Google keep a record of how well our sales and support team manages our client happiness. Any usage data regarding Workspace is still directly monitored by Google, and that data is still available at any time within your Workspace Admin Console.

With Cloudasta, Workspace payments are processed post-pay, the same as with Google. This means that the usage for this month is charged at the beginning of next month.  And if you sign up during the middle of a billing cycle, your rates will be prorated only for the respective number of days that you were either with Google or with us.  

For example, if you bring your Workspace subscription over to Cloudasta on June 4th:

  • Google will process your usage from June 1st through June 3rd at the beginning of July

  • Cloudasta will process your usage from June 4th through June 30th also at the beginning of July

Ready to start working with us?  You can signup here: signup.cloudasta.com and we'll be in touch to help you throughout your Workspace journey!