Cloudasta, your added layer of Free Workspace Support!

When you bring your Workspace subscription over to Cloudasta, you receive our support as an added layer to what you already get as a Google Workspace customer! 

While you maintain your ability to get support from Google, the level of support that Google offers for free to Workspace customers has changed in 2020. Google's free Standard support only covers P1 level incident support and the Recommender:  

  • P1 level incident refers to the "System down" type of situations that require Google to fix immediately. 

  • Recommender is a service that provides usage recommendations and insights for Google Cloud products and services. 

In order to get additional Workspace support, Google has launched two tiers of paid support in 2020:  

  • Enhanced support is offered starting at $500 per month plus 4% of the Workspace spend also with annual commitment.

  • Premium support is offered starting at $12,500 per month plus 4% of the Workspace spend with annual commitment.

With Cloudasta, not only do you receive support from our Admin experts, you also receive domain audit reports (like Google's Recommender) to help you spot potential savings in you current subscription, training, technical account management, and health reviews!

To give you a clearer overview of Cloudasta's support vs Google's paid support: 

Cloudasta support is included with Workspace licenses when purchasing those licenses from us. Bringing your subscription over to Cloudasta will not change your Workspace costs nor how you team uses Workspace day-to-day. 

Also, as an official Google Cloud Partner, Cloudasta can also offer discounts that are only available via resellers on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to book a time via this link and William, our Head of Partnerships & Customer Success, will give you a call to discuss in detail.