Migrating your mailboxes (Admin-driven)

This support article is for Admin-driven self-service email migrations only. For End-user self-service migration instructions please go here.

Refer to the following steps to begin your email migration for users in your organization. 


  1. Install our migration tool in your Workspace domain: http://help.cloudasta.com/how-to-install-shuttlecloud-migration-app
  2. Navigate to https://migration.cloudasta.com and follow the on-screen steps. The first step is to choose Supported providers or More/IMAP to enter your custom server settings.
  3. Select the destination account, which is one of the newly created Google Workspaces in your domain.
  4. (Optional) In Step 3, enter an email address where we can notify you once the migration is complete.
  5. Sit and relax. You will need to wait until this migration is complete before you can come back and initiate the next user. 


Note: You can only migrate one mailbox at a time. For multiple migrations, we recommend setting up additional admins or instructing your users to run their own migration. For more details, please refer to this other article.