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Will my Google Workspace Reseller have access to my account?

To protect every customer's security and privacy, there are limitations to what an authorized Google Workspace Reseller can access. Rest assured an Authorized Google Workspace Reseller doesn't have access to your data. The partial access we do have is to perform configurations necessary to help us support you.  

We don't have access to: email, files, calendars, sites, advanced groups configuration, content of groups, forms, vault, etc... 

While we can access some limited configurations, we can not access content. The configurations we can access will only be done with your written confirmation that you're requesting and approving a modification.

Security & Privacy are our top concern and we never share your details beyond our support team. 

For additional information, please see Google's article on this topic here: https://support.google.com/channelservices/answer/9549425