Why Do You Need a Google Workspace Reseller?

Google Workspace is a popular cloud-based productivity toolset previously known as the G-Suite. Google Workspace is the ideal way for businesses of any magnitude to maintain constant communication within the organization effectively.

Although Google Workspace is an excellent addition to an organization's basic functionality, many lack the resources or expertise to employ Workspace. This is why a Google Workspace reseller is essential. 

What is a Google Workspace Reseller?

A Google Workspace reseller is an authenticated partner certified by Google to implement and resell various Google Workspace services and solutions. These resellers enable the customers to make maximum use of Google Workspace and its associated services. The proper use of Workspace by the reseller can help improve the business significantly.

Why Do You Need a Google Workspace Reseller?

1. Support and Assistance

Google Workspace resellers include an expert team proficient in the Google Workspace interface. This enables the customers to avail of all kinds of assistance and support from the reseller team whenever necessary. Users may find it challenging to handle properly new user accounts, troubleshoot settings, security configuration, etc., which can be assisted by the reseller team.

2. Smooth Deployment

As the reseller team has enough expertise in Google Workspace, they ensure that the customer’s business is transitioned into Workspace in the smoothest way possible. This smooth transition would be impossible for companies with minimal IT resources without the right reseller.

3. Customized Solutions

A good reseller would ensure to cater to the needs of the customer’s businesses. There are various plans available for Google Workspace. A reseller can find the right plan for the customer, make the right integrations and third-party collaborations, set up customized domains, etc.

4. Relatively Low Price

Many resellers offer their service for a relatively lower cost than the official Google website provides. This happens because the reseller can find the hidden low-cost plans on the Google Workspace package. Also, they can combine various licenses, which reduces unwanted costs.

5. Better Security

Along with the existing security features of Google Workspace, the resellers offer additional security to the users from possible threats. They also provide enough guidance on data protection and proper security audit.