Who is Eligible for Google Frontline License?

Users can choose from the numerous editions of services from Google Workspace. Google Workspace offers services under specialty editions like individual, business enterprise, etc. 

Some of the most popular editions of services under Google Workspace are those for qualifying organizations. Frontline editions are pretty popular under this category.

According to Google Workspace, frontline workers need a special Workspace edition. Because they are on constant move and do not have the privilege of a fixed desk for work. So, the tools and features of the Workspace should cater to their on-the-go work culture.

The frontline editions of Google Workspace possess collaboration tools and services designed especially for frontline workers. Some popular tools with frontline editions are Google Mett, Gmail, Drive, chat, etc.

Frontline Editions: Options

Option 1: Frontline Starter

  • Frontline Starter provides 5 GB storage for each user and applies to unlimited users.
  • The primary tools included in Frontline Starter are Drive, Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.
  • Subscribers of Frontline Starter can access reliable and secure video conferencing services.
  • The event scheduling feature is available for Frontline Starter.
  • Log events, security controls, data protection, etc., are other features of the Frontline Starter.

Option 2: Frontline Standard

  • All features of Frontline Starter are available for the Frontline Standard edition, too.
  • Data retention services are available for Frontline Standard.
  • Automated device management is possible with Frontline Standard.
  • Application management, Enterprise security, etc., are other popular Frontline Standard features.

Eligibility Requirements for Frontline Editions

Google Workspace defines frontline workers based on the following features.

  • People sell products and services to the public via direct contact with the customers.
  • People directly involved in the production and distribution of services or products.
  • People who make up the lion’s share of an organization's workforce and need close collaboration and a collective speed to get things done.

Based on the above features, Google identifies the following categories as frontline workers.

  • Manufacturing and assembling workers
  • Retail, Hospital, and Restaurant workers
  • Construction workers
  • Transportation operators and call center workers
  • Fishing, farming, and forestry workers
  • Field workers, etc.

Google Workspace exclusively limits access to frontline edition licenses to the above-mentioned frontline workers. If a non-frontline worker gets access to the frontline edition within an organization, Google Workspace acts on it and restricts the organization's access completely.