Where to Find Google Meet Recordings?

In today's world, Google Meet is widely used for important meetings, events, etc. The host or the organizer may be unaware of where to look for the Google Meet recording once the session ends. 

The first and foremost thing to remember is that the host or the meeting organizer needs to have a valid Google Workspace plan to record the meetings. A regular Google account does not come with the recording feature.

If you have a valid Google Workspace plan, there are three locations from which you can collect your meeting recording. They are explained in detail below.

Where to Find Google Meet Recordings – Three Methods

Method 1: From Google Drive

According to the Google Workspace plan, every Google Meeting is automatically saved to Google Drive once the meeting is finished. You can collect the recording by going to your Google Drive and following the steps below.

Step 1

Open Google Drive. Sign in to the respective Google account.

Step 2

Click open the Go to Drive option.

Step 3

The My Drive option will be present on the left panel. Click it open. From the folders and files that are listed, choose the Meet Recordings folder.

Step 4

Find the target recording and click the three dots next to it to reveal the Download option. Click Download and get the recording downloaded.

Method 2: From Google Calendar

Collecting a Google Meet recording from the respective Google Calendar event is possible.

Step 1

Go to your Google account and open the Google Calendar application.

Step 2

Find the Google Calendar event of your target meeting.

Step 3

Open the Google Calendar event. You can find an attachment in it with the recording of the meeting. 

Method 3: From Gmail

The meeting host or the organizer can collect the meeting recording through their Gmail inbox. After every session, the organizer will receive a meeting recording with the meeting ID.

Step 1

Open your Gmail account and find the mail from Google Meet.

Step 2

An option to Play in Drive will be present with the recording. Press that option to start playing the recording in your Google Drive.

Step 3

To download the recording, click the Download icon at the top right corner of your Gmail window.