What is the Best Gmail Migration Tool

Email migration is a popular method businesses use to copy their emails and related records from one service provider to another without losing or compromising any of the data. Email migration enables business owners to switch to better service providers without losing any of their previous data or emails. 

But email migration, especially Gmail migration, can be a bit too complicated if the number of emails, contacts, files, etc., is large. This is why the right Gmail migration service provider or a Gmail migration tool is essential.

Many professional Gmail migration service providers offer free self-service migration tools that relieve you of all challenges during migration and let you experience a smooth transition to a new service provider.

Steps to Migrate Emails to Your Google Account

Step 1

Go to migration.cloudasta.com, where you can access the free self-service migration tool from Cloudasta.

Step 2

Choose the Start Migration option.

Step 3

A pop-up appears that you need to enter the details of your Gmail account. You are supposed to enter the details of the account to which you are planning to migrate.

Step 4

A dialog box appears on the screen with three slots to enter details. In the first slot, you are supposed to enter the address of the email account from which you plan to migrate. In the second slot, enter the details of the account that you are migrating to. In the third slot, you have to enter the email address in which you have to be notified once the migration process is completed.

Why is a Gmail Migration Tool Important?

Gmail migration tools are essential because of the following reasons.

  • Saves significant time and effort while switching from one account to another.
  • A migration tool comes in handy while consolidating several accounts into a single one.
  • It helps maintain your contacts in an organized way.
  • Relatively low downtime ensures that business hours are not disrupted.
  • You will get the service provider’s assistance in case some errors happen during the migration process.
  • Ensures smooth and safe transition to a new service provider or account.