What is Google Keep and how to use it effectively

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What is Google Keep Application, and How to Use it Effectively?

Google Keep is a note-taking application from Google. It syncs automatically to the user’s Google Drive. So, accessing the application from anywhere through any of your gadgets is highly convenient.

The high compatibility of the application with both small and advanced devices is a unique feature of Google Keep. The article below explores what is Google Keep and how to use it effectively.

How to Use Google Keep Effectively?

The primary issue with Google Keep users is that they are not aware enough of the various advanced features of Google Keep. So, they underuse the application.

You can effectively use Google Keep by understanding the following features.

The Collaborator Feature

You can use the Google Keep application to collaborate with other people. You can add any number of people as collaborators by entering their names and email address into the concerned slots.

The collaborators can view your progress with a particular work or project and actively participate in it. This option provides automatic updates regarding the chosen work to the collaborators. You can permanently remove the collaborators as and when required.

The Voice Note Feature

Google Keep application lets you search and record in voice notes. A mic icon is present in the application. The built-in transcriber of the application transcribes what you speak for an effective search.

Versatile Input Options

Unlike many other note-making applications, Google Keep provides the option to input much more than plain text. You can add voice notes, images, clippings, checkboxes, etc., in the notes. This increases the effectiveness of the note-making process.

Organization Options

The application also has several organization options which let you properly organize the notes to help with easy access. It is possible to arrange the notes in lists, grids, numbered lists, etc.

You can also use color coding, labels, pins, etc., to organize the notes better. The checklists of the Google Keep application can even include sub-items, which makes it highly effective in managing and accessing information.