Impact of migrating Google Drive files

Note: This applies to Google-to-Google managed migrations

When running a Google-to-Google managed migration, all your files will be copied over to the destination account. This means that the original file ID will change and you might need to consider the following: 

  • Files and documents shortcuts: If your users have bookmarked the files, they will need to manually update their shortcut. 
  • File sharing: Internal sharing is migrated. However, files and documents shared with outsiders will need to be manually adjusted. 
  • Forms or files embedded to websites: Forms linked to your website will need to be manually updated with the new one after the migration is complete. 


Best practices

We recommend the following best practices to make sure that your daily productivity isn't affected due to this expected behavior:

  • Plan ahead of time: Make sure to notify your users of this impact. This will ensure that they know when to remove old bookmarks and update accordingly. We recommend sending internal communications to your users to let them know once the new files are in place. 
  • Suspend old doc-owners: Once the migration is complete and you have reviewed that all items have been migrated successfully, you're ready to suspend the old user. This will ensure that if your users forget about the migration and try to access the old file, they will no longer have access to and this will act as a reminder for them to log in to the correct file.