How to work with Gmail offline

Now you can set up your Gmail offline and emails without the internet. In this quick guide, we will tell you things you can do when you are working with Gmail offline. 

Top 4 Things You Can Do On Gmail Offline

Now Gmail actively works even when it is offline without any active internet connection. Although it is unwise to expect full functionality when it is offline, still there are a few things you can do to enhance productivity. Here is the work you can do with Gmail offline:

  • Read Emails: You can use Gmail offline to read any important emails on the go. In remote areas or when there are poor connectivity issues, being able to access urgent emails is made easy with Gmail offline. 
  • Search For Specific Emails: When you are in a meeting and don't want to turn on the internet to annoy your colleagues with pop-up notifications, consider searching for specific emails while you are offline on Gmail. It works and it is not a hassle, thanks to the seamless delivery of service this google application tends to offer.
  • Compose New Emails: If you are on a vacation or in a hilly region where you have access to WiFi only in the hotel lobby, or at the airport, but not on the flight, you can compose new emails with Gmail offline. You can save them as drafts and upload them when you have access to WiFi. This will not only help you jot down all the important points but also save precious time if you are someone who cannot go a day without work or business.
  • Open Attachments In Emails: Sometimes you might not have access to internet connectivity, especially if you are a student in a school or a university. However, loading assignments and project emails with attachments is no longer a hassle. You can now work and open important attachments anytime, all thanks to the latest features offered by Gmail offline.

Now that you know how to work with Gmail offline, we hope you will adopt Gmail offline in your everyday life, even if for some specific uses.