How to Use Time Insights in Google Calendar

Time Insights is an exclusive Google Calendar feature for school and work Google Accounts. This is a productivity-enhancing feature that provides you with insights into how you spend your time on the application.

Time Insights records the appointments, scheduled events, time spent on work, etc., every week. It then divides the information into three categories with proper insights into how well you have managed your time.

It also has a Time Breakdown section that provides a quick overview of the nature of events that you have spent your time on in the last week. It contains events like focus time, 1:1, 3+ guests, needs to respond, remaining time, etc.

The section below provides more details on the Time Insights function and also explains how to use Time Insights in Google Calendar.

How to Use Time Insights in Google Calendar?

The first and foremost thing to use the Time Insights feature effectively is to set up your working hours in Google Calendar. A proper start and end time setting would help the Time Insights feature provide highly accurate insights.

Step 1

Open your Google Calendar application.

Step 2

Find the Clog icon present at the top-right corner of the application. Click on the icon to reveal more options.

Step 3

From the options that appear on the screen, click on the Settings option.

Step 4

Many options appear on the screen. You must scroll down to find the Working Hours and Location option. 

Step 5

Enable the Working Hours checkbox. Once you enable it, you can customize the upcoming hours and days of the week.

Step 6

Now, you can return to your Google Calendar's home page. 

Step 7

In the left sidebar, there will be the Time Insights section available. You can simply click on it to get insights into how you spend your time.

Step 8

For a detailed view, you can click on the More Insights option. This provides you with a detailed description of your time spent.