How to use smart chips in Google sheets

Smart chips are the best options available to enter information on your Google Sheets on items like maps, directions, events, places, people, etc. 

You can also add other Sheets, Google Docs, etc., in Smart Chips. Google Sheets have also improved the scope of Smart Chips to include YouTube videos, Google Finance entities, etc. 

A smart chip in Google Sheets can be easily opened with a simple click. You can also overlook the information in the smart chip by simply moving your mouse’s cursor over it. The following section provides easy-to-follow steps on how to use smart chips in Google Sheets.

How to Use Smart Chips in Google Sheets?

You can insert smart chips in Google Sheets in a few steps.

Step 1

Open the required spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

Step 2

Spot the place where you want to enter the smart chips.

Step 3

Type @ in the selected space.

Step 4

A pop-up list appears on the screen. Multiple categories will be present in the list, including people, files, events, places, etc.

Step 5

Once you choose a category, the system will show you all the files available under the category. You can select whichever file you plan to upload as a smart chip in Google Sheets.

Step 6

Now that the smart chip is successfully placed within the sheet, you can check it by moving the cursor over it.

It is possible to include multiple smart chips within one spreadsheet. These chips can all be different too.

It is also possible to change the default font, color, style, etc., of the smart chips inserted. 

You can also make additions to the smart chip drop-down menu that appears when you type an @.

How to Remove Smart Chips from Google Sheets?

Removing or deleting a smart chip from Google Sheets is extremely easy. You can either remove the word in which the smart chip is incorporated. Or else, you can remove the entire sentence that contains the smart chip.