How To Use Gmail Labels

Gmail labels can act as your secret weapon to tame all the chaos in your inbox. Here's how you can use Gmail labels to their fullest potential:

  • Super Folders For Email Categorization: Instead of placing your message in the email, you should rather place the label on the message. This means that your message will not have to be associated with a single label. You can apply as many labels as you wish to apply to a single message. This label will sit on top of the email with other applied labels if any.
  • Save A Step & Label While Archiving: Do you want to add a label to a message? Do you also want to dismiss this message simultaneously from your inbox? Then, you can use the option, “Move to”. This option will handle all steps in one go. This shortcut certainly makes one of the handiest commands.
  • Apply label while composing Emails: Gmail labels are not just meant for all those incoming messages in your Gmail inbox. You can use Gmail labels while the composition of new emails. This step will ensure that replies which are associated with this particular email will remain organised. You will then find the email with this label present in all the right places. Creating a new label or selecting an existing label is the only necessary decision you need to take at this time.
  • Organising Label Lists: Gmail keeps your label lists maintained in alphabetic order. You can access these label lists in the left sidebar. You can click on one label list to view all emails associated with this label. You can further organize this list if you find it to be an unruly mess. You can assign each label a distinct color. Whether or not you want this label to appear in the label lists or stay permanently hidden will help you organize that unnecessary clutter in your inbox.

Now you have all the information you need to use Gmail labels wisely. Once you follow these tips and apply them to your Gmail inbox, you can certainly label yourself organized.