How To Use AppSheet Database?

Indeed, you are planning to use AppSheet Database but before you do this, you should gain some basic knowledge.

What is AppSheet Database

AppSheet Database is the native and first-party data source. It will aid you with organizing and managing data that is needed for the app you develop on AppSheet. This database will provide you with an efficient and easy way to build data models for any app you develop on this app. Above all, you can do it without the need for any external data source like cloud-based databases or spreadsheets.

Benefits of Using Built-in AppSheet Database

You can expect the following benefits when you use the built-in AppSheet database as against relying on external sources:

  • No configuration or setup is needed
  • Set of column data types that are compatible
  • Integrates seamlessly with the AppSheet App Editor
  • Easy-to-use AppSheet database editor
  • Performance improvement for both app user and app creator compared to other sources of data

Now, you know why you should use the in-built AppSheet database. You will be interested in learning how to use it. 

Using Databases in Your App

You can do one of the following to use AppSheet databases in your app:

App Generation using the Existing Database

If you intend to create a new app with the existing database, here are the steps you will have to follow:

  • Go to the MyApps Page
  • Then, tap Create followed by App and then choose “Start with existing data”
  • Provide the name of an app and choose a category
  • Tap choose your data
  • Choose AppSheet Database
  • Choose the database that you wish to use for app generation
  • Choose the tables that you wish to add to the app
  • Otherwise, you can also go for the Select All option
  • Choose the data changes permitted by users of the app for every table

At the end, you will see that the new app is created with the selected tables from the database that already exist. 

In addition to using the existing AppSheet database, you can also create an app in AppSheet using an existing table. You also have the option to add an existing database to an app. Another option available is to add a fresh table to an app that already exists.