How To Transfer Files From One Google Drive To Another

There might be many business requirements that needs you to transfer the ownership of Google Drive documents. 

The good thing is you can transfer or share files from one Google Drive to another. It
takes just a few simple steps to get that done.

Method 1: Sharing a file from one Google Drive to another

  • If you want to transfer just one file to your other Google Drive account, then this method
    would be the best.
  • Open your primary Drive account.
  • Locate the files/folders that need to be transferred to your other Drive account.
  • Right-click on the file/folder and hit the “Share” button.
  • Now enter your Drive account username.
  • Press the “Advanced” option and then change the permission to “Is Owner.”
  • Log into your Drive account, and click on the “shared with me” option. You can locate
    this option on the left sidebar.
  • You will not be able to copy the whole folder. So copy the files inside it.
  • Pick the files you want to transfer and tap the option “Make a copy.”
  • Rename the files and move them to a new folder.
  • Go back to your Drive account and remove the original files/folders. You can
    ignore this step if you want the same files/folders on both of your Drive

    Method 2: Create a “Transfer Folder” in Google Drive

  • If you want to regularly transfer files between your Google Drive accounts, then this
    method is for you.
  • Create a new folder in your Drive.
  • Share the folder with your other Drive account.
  • Drag the file that you want to transfer into the new folder.
  • A message will appear on the screen asking “change who has access.”
  • Click the option “Move.”
  • Now sign into your other Drive account, and move the files inside to the target

Both methods help transfer files between your Drive accounts. You can select any of the
two methods depending on your requirement.