How To Share Google Docs Externally With Non-Google Accounts

Google Drive offers huge benefits when it comes to simultaneous collaboration and sharing. When a Google Doc file needs to be shared with someone who does not have a Google account, what should you do?

Sharing a Google Docs file, such as a spreadsheet or Google doc is common.  Here are 2 ways to handle this situation in the best way:

  • Emailing File To User As An Attachment:
    • Choose 'Email as attachment' from the File menu in your Google Drive document.
    • Choosing a file format and entering the recipient's email address will be brought up on the next screen.
    • Files will be sent as attachments via email in the format you specify.
    • Microsoft Word, HTML, PDF, or Rich Text can be used to send the file.
    • You can easily reach the people who need to see your content with this method.
    • Due to this, you don't have any way to collaborate online with the recipient, because there are two distinct versions of the document.
  • Allowing Anyone With Link To Edit Document:
    • A file created with Google Docs doesn't require a Google account to view or edit.
    • The key to making your document visible is to set the visibility options.
    • Your document can be set to be visible to anyone with a direct link.
    • Click Share on the top right of your document to change the settings.
    • Click Change in the section titled "Specific people can access”.
    • Select 'Anyone' from the Sharing Settings dialog.Click 'Can view' at the bottom of the dialog and, if needed, change it to 'Can edit'.
    • Don't forget to click the 'Save' button when you're finished.
    • Visitors can access the link and will be asked to enter a pin. The pin will be valid for 7 days.