How to Share AppSheet App?

AppSheet is famous as the no-coding platform where even beginners can create applications for computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. AppSheet maintains an easy-to-use interface to create applications.

Likewise, it also maintains a simple process to let the user share the created applications. In fact, there are two different scenarios in which you can share the completed application.

  1. Sharing the application to all by making it public.
  2. Sharing the application with restricted users.

Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Sharing the Application to All by Making it Public

Step 1

Go to App Editor and open the target app.

Step 2

Click the Security option and then click the Require Sing-in option.

Step 3

Disable the Require Sign-in option.

Step 4

Confirm the platform's statements regarding the security implications of sharing the app with the public.

Following will be the questions.

  • Do you know if the data in the app will be public?
  • Are you authorized to set up an insecure app?

You should check the boxes of all the questions with a yes.

Step 5

Click the Save option. Your app is now public.

Sharing the Application with Restricted Users

You can share the application with one or more sets of restricted users the platform identifies.

Some of them are as follows.

  • Individual users
  • Users in a single domain
  • Signed-in users
  • Existing domain groups, etc.

Let’s look at how to share the AppSheet app with some of these restricted users.

Individual Users

Step 1

Go to the App Editor and open the app.

Step 2

Go to the application's Title bar and click on the Share icon.

Step 3

A window appears on the screen. You should enter the user's email address with whom you share the app.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 until all the users’ email IDs are entered.

Step 5

Choose the permissions that you are giving the user. Following are the available permission options.

  • Use app
  • View definition
  • Edit definition

Step 6

A CAPTCHA verification slot appears on the screen. Verify the CAPTCHA to point out you are not a robot.

Step 7

Click the Share option or Send option.

Step 8

Click the Done option.