How to setup Google calendar for effective time management

You use Google Calendar on a daily basis but utilising it to the best of its capabilities can make you the most organised person and increase your productivity. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Add your colleague’s calendar to your calendar using the “Add your calendar” option to view their schedules and collaborate with them. 

2. Set auto-reminders for events to get notified before an event. To set a reminder, go to Google calendar settings and choose how many minutes, hours earlier to your events you want to receive the notification. You can choose to receive the notification via email or a pop-up. 

3. Create multi-day events on the calendar if you are out of office traveling, on a workshop or on vacation. You can create this like any other normal event and choose the date range. While creating the event, you can choose to decline all events that are scheduled during that time automatically with a custom text. 

4. Do you talk to people across the world regularly or travel often across time zones? You can go to the Google calendar settings and add the “World clock” that can show you the time.

5. Want your customers to schedule appointments with you directly? You can always use the embed calendar option on your website to show customers free/busy schedules and get a meeting scheduled with them. 

6. Set working hours in Google Calendar if you want to let others know your working hours. You can do the same on Calendar settings in the “Working hours” option. 

7. Use the “Google Calendar” app on Android and iPhone to stay updated on your mobile device and manage your calendar directly from the handset. 

8. Share your calendar with colleagues, teammates or assistants. You can provide the required level of permissions that they need to view or manage your calendar. On the right side of the Google calendars view, click on “Settings and sharing” under “My Calendars” and share it with specific individuals. Add the person’s email address and they will get notified. 

These productivity tips can help you a lot to do effective time management using Google Calendar.