How to record in google meet and transcribe calls

Are recording and transcribing meetings in Google Meet possible? Find more information on the same here.

How to Record in Google Meet and Transcribe Calls?

Google Meet supports recording and transcribing a Google Meet video. Google meetings conducted through desktops or advanced systems can only use these features.

The recorded and transcribed file is saved in the Meet Recordings section of the host’s Google Drive. Currently, an accurate transcription service is available in English.

The below article explains how to record in Google Meet and transcribe calls.

How to Record and Transcribe in Google Meet?

You can turn on the transcript by enabling the host management feature.

Step 1

Open Google Meet. Start a new meeting or join an ongoing meeting.

Step 2

Click on the Activities icon at the bottom right of the meeting window.

Step 3

From the drop-down menu that appears, click and choose the Transcripts option.

Step 4

Click on the Start Transcription option, and click Start on the dialogue box that appears.

Step 5

Once the transcription begins, a transcription icon will appear in the meeting window, which will be visible to all the participants.

Step 6

You can stop the transcription whenever necessary by clicking on the Stop Transcription option that is present in the Transcripts option of the Activities icon. Or you can wait for the meeting to finish so the transcription stops automatically.

Step 7

Once the meeting ends, the transcription is automatically saved to the host’s Google Drive.

Step 8

Immediately after the meeting, an automated email with the respective transcription link appears in the inbox of the hosts, co-hosts, etc. The transcript automatically gets attached to the respective Google Calendar event too.

  • If the meeting is relatively long, the automated email with the transcription link can appear late in the respective inboxes. This happens due to a longer processing time taken. You have to wait a while for the email to appear.
  • When you turn on transcription, the participants not joining from a desktop get removed automatically. The person who turns on the transcription feature gets a permission-seeking message mentioning this and asks whether to remove such participants or cancel the transcription command.