How to Publish AppSheet App?

As you wish to know how to publish an app that you have created in AppSheet, you might already have created your app on this platform. Once your app is ready, carry out the following steps before you publish:

  • Check your app for any warnings and errors
  • Do the deployment check
  • Fix the errors and warnings showing up during the deployment check
  • Do the deployment check again
  • Share your app

Only after sharing, you can install and run the app on your device. Here is how to share AppSheet App:

How to Share AppSheet App?

Here, you have the option to share the app with yourself. Otherwise, you can also share it with any other user. Only then, the receiver can download the app and can start using it. Here is how to add users:

Adding Users

Before you can share the app, you will have to add the prospective receivers as app users.

  1. In the title bar, click the Share option
  2. For domain or email address, add a user having a usable email address and tap enter
  3. To confirm that you are not an auto-pilot, check the reCAPTCHA box
  4. Otherwise, you can also update the invite message 
  5. Finally, click send

Remember that the reCAPTCHA verification comes with a time for expiry. So, if the time expires make sure to reassure that the time is not out.

Verify the Email Receipt

Sign in to the email account and ensure that the mail has reached the inbox.

Install and Run the App on Your Device

Now, you know how to share the app with other users. Now, it is time to publish the AppSheet App. Here is how to publish the application.

  1. Open the email that you got on your device
  2. In the email you received, install customer contacts
  3. Tap install

During this step, if you have not already installed AppSheet on your device, you are driven to install the same at the first instance. Once installed, it will show up to run on its own. However, it is, in fact, presented by the AppSheet Hosting Application.

  1. To install the app from the app store of the device, click Install. Once the AppSheet App is installed on your device, make sure not to open the app.
  2. Get back to your mail ID.
  3. In the email, tap Install Customer Contacts again
  4. Click Install to install the app
  5. If you are prompted in the “add to home screen” tap to confirm automatic addition.
  6. To accept the user agreement, click on the Accept option
  7. The app is now installed on your device
  8. To verify the functionality of the app, test the app on the device as an end user.