How to Present Google Slides in Google Meet?

Google Meet is a popular video communication application. You get to invite up to hundred people at a time to join a meeting hosted by Google Meet.

One of the major features of Google Meet is the option to do presentations in the meeting window by any participant. Multiple participants can present simultaneously using the specialised icons and features on the meeting window.

The section below explains how to present Google slides in Google Meet.

Presenting Google Slides in Google Meet

Please notice that not all Google accounts can present Google Slides through a Google Meet video meeting. Only the workspace editions of Google Meet can support the presentation of Google Slides.

Some of the famous examples of Google Workspace editions that support Google Slides presentations are:

  • Business Starter
  • Business Standard
  • Enterprise Starter
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Education Standard
  • Essentials

Using a Chrome browser to properly present the Google Slides on a Google Meet video meeting is also important.

Step 1

Open the Google Meet application in a Chrome window and join the respective meeting.

Step 2

In another Chrome window, open the Google Slides file you plan to present.

Step 3

On the Google Meet screen, find the Present option at the bottom.

Step 4

After clicking the Present Now option, choose the tab with the Google Slides file and click Share.

Step 5

You can also find the Start Slideshow option to present directly at the bottom of the Google Meet video meeting screen.

Step 6

You can see a control panel on the presentation screen at the bottom. It contains all the necessary control options to navigate through the presentation.

Step 7

If you want to add a co-presenter, click the Add Co-presenter option on the screen. The list of the meeting’s participants appears on the screen. Find the person to add, click on the More option next to their name, and click Add as Co-presenter.

Step 8

You can stop the presentation by clicking on the Exit Slideshow option at the bottom part of the meeting screen.

You can add up to ten people as co-presenters for a single meeting.