How to Merge Two Gmail Accounts into One Inbox?

Gmail users worldwide generally tend to have multiple emails for various purposes. Most of them keep a work email and personal email for convenience. Although it is pretty convenient, there are several benefits available for merging two Gmail accounts into one inbox too. You can save a great deal of time you would otherwise have spent switching between multiple accounts.

The section below provides step-by-step guidance on merging two Gmail accounts into one inbox.

Steps to Merge Two Gmail Accounts into One Inbox

Merging two Gmail accounts means you will keep a single inbox for both your accounts, where one email account will be considered primary and the other secondary.

So, before starting the merging process, you must choose which email account you plan to keep as primary.

Step 1

Go to the email account that you have decided to keep as primary. Go to the Settings option and click on it.

Step 2

From the options that appear, click the Accounts option. 

Step 3

Click the Add Another Email option. A pop-up appears on the screen.

Step 4

You will have to enter all the details asked in the pop-up. The main things you must enter include your full name and the address of your intended secondary email.

Step 5

There will be an option called Treat as an Alias in the pop-up. You can check or uncheck this option depending on your preference for sending and receiving messages on the secondary email.

Step 6

Once you complete filling in the required information in the pop-up window, click Next Step.

Step 7

A verification email appears on the screen. Click the Send Verification option to send the verification email to your secondary email.

Step 8

You receive the verification email in your secondary inbox. Click on the link that is present inside the email. 

Step 9

Open the secondary email inbox now. Open the Settings option and choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option. 

Step 10

Open the Forwarding option and click Add A Forwarding Address to enter your primary inbox address.

Step 11

Click the Proceed option. You will now receive a unique confirmation code in your primary email.

Step 12

You can confirm the process by clicking on the link in the confirmation email or copying the verification code in the concerned slot at the pop-up in the secondary email.