How to Make Google Sites Look Good?

Google Sites is a free service from Google that helps you build websites. You can create customized websites or build them from scratch using the templates available. Google Sites provides all the necessary tools and options to build an effective website on your own.

Google Sites was recently updated and upgraded by Google. The new version comes with more facilities and options to improve your website. As it integrates naturally with other Google services, it is highly convenient to handle it.

It is now possible to make many changes to the existing or new Google Sites websites. The section below discusses how to make Google Sites look good.

Ways to Make Google Sites Look Good

Use Themes

Multiple themes are available on Google Sites. Each theme features a different color, pattern, design, font, etc. You can select from these available themes. It helps to give a unique outlook to the website. You can purchase different themes too.

Adding Media

It is good to add media, like images, videos, etc., to a website. This provides a variety in the content's structure. It also improves its readability. It also makes the content look much better.

Using Embedding

The embedding feature improves the website's engagement. It also helps with the interactive nature of the website. The content can look and sound much better when you have an interactive file on a website. You can embed using URLs or embed codes.

Favicon Feature

The Favicon feature helps make the site look much better. It also gives a personal feel to the website. Favicon is an icon or logo you can add while building the website. You can choose the image for the favicon. It can be your image or any other that you prefer.

To add a favicon, click the Three Dots option at the top. From the options that appear, choose the Add Favicon option.

Some other features that are available on Google Sites that are useful to make the website look good are:

  • Adding interactive files on the website
  • Sticking to the responsive design available in Google Sites
  • Inserting collapsible text boxes