How to invite uninvited users in Google Workspace

If you are already on Google Workspace or planning to move, there are always cases of users in your organisation who have signed up for a Google service before you migrated. If such a case arises, it is best to be prepared to handle such a situation. 

Google Workspace provides capability within its Admin console to handle such situations. These users are termed as “unmanaged users” as you did not create them and you aren’t managing them. There is a transfer tool for unmanaged users provided by Google that lets you invite these users into your organisation and manage them. You can follow the below steps to achieve this:

  1. Within the transfer tool, you can see the list of users belonging to your domain who are unmanaged. 
  2. You can invite them to Google Workspace by sending an email requesting them to convert their personal account into the company account. 
  3. After some days, you can always review the statuses of users who have accepted or cancel the ones that aren’t necessary.
  4. The users get a choice of accepting or declining the request to join the organisation. 
  5. If they accept, the organisational admin gets access to transfer their data to the company account and they need to rename their account email address. 
  6. If they decline, they will be asked to rename the account into another email address (for example, and continue accessing their data. They also retain full access and control on their data without any admin access or interference. The email address for the organisation can be used later by you to create their account in Google Workspace. 

It is possible to invite users in bulk using CSV uploads. The emails are sent to all users at once. This makes the process much easier and faster to manage.