How to do basic user management in Google Workspace?

User management is one of the first and foremost modules to get familiarised with when administering in Google Workspace. 

The onboarding experience is always critical for any employee joining your organisation and getting an email account on the first day is a no-brainer to have. Below are the few processes that you should be aware of with respect to user management:

1. Add Users into Google Workspace:

Steps to add users into Google Workspace are:

  • Go to Directory > Users from the main menu in the Admin console. 
  • Click on “Add new user” at the top of the page.
  • Add mandatory information like First name, last name, primary email address and secondary email address. You can add a phone number as well. The secondary email address can be an external email address of the user where you would want to send their login information or use while resetting passwords. 
  • The user is added now. You can either preview and send their login information to the secondary email or copy the password to email them manually. 
  • You would need to repeat the steps for each user you want to add. 

2. Delete users from Google Workspace:

Steps to delete users from Google Workspace are as below:

  • Go to Directory > Users
  • Select the user you want to delete. 
  • On the top of the page, Click on the dropdown and select “Delete Selected User”
  • On the next screen, you can choose if you want to transfer data from applications like Drive, Datastudio, Calendar etc. and mention a target account to receive the data.
  • Finally click on “Delete user”

Note: Once the user is deleted, the account is available to restore for up to 20 days. Post that, the data is completely lost. 

3. Update an user in Google Workspace:

  • Go to Directory > Users
  • Click on the user profile that you need to update. 
  • Click on update user and update first name, last name and email address as required. 

Note: Updating an email address makes the old email address an alias of the current one. You can either choose to keep the alias or remove it.

What is an email alias?

Alias email addresses are an alternative email address that you can use for the same inbox. When you use an alias, you could send and receive email addresses from your alias email as well as your primary email.

You could add upto 20 aliases to every user in Google Workspace.