How to create appointment slots in Google calendar

Google Calendar lets you create appointment slots for managing your tasks and scheduling your day. Appointment slots are the time slots a Google Calendar user creates to inform others regarding their interaction availability. 

People can check out the calendar and book appointments prior based on availability. You can use the appointment slot function for free, even from a personal Google account. But when you subscribe to a Google Workspace account, you will receive many more perks.

The section below details how to create appointment slots in Google Calendar. Let’s check out how.

How to Create New Appointment Slots in Google Calendar?

Step 1

Open your Google Calendar application

Step 2

Click on the Create option.

Step 3

From the options that appear on the screen, choose Appointment Schedule.

Step 4

A booking page to create the appointment appears on the screen. You have to type in a suitable title for the page. Anyone with whom you share your calendar can see this title. The title will also be visible on your Google Calendar. So, it is advisable to use a title that adequately describes the appointment made.

Step 5

Fill in the details in the General Availability section.

Step 6

Provide the details regarding the Scheduling Window. The scheduling window option decides when people can book their appointment in advance. The Google Calendar maintains its default scheduling window duration between 12 hours to 60 days. You can choose at your convenience.

Step 7

Once you have filled in all the details, click on the Next option at the bottom right portion of the window.

Step 8

A pop-up window asks you to choose between conferencing and meeting location. 

Step 9

Once the preference for the meeting mode is decided, click the Save option to save all the information you have given. 

You can always add multiple appointment slots on the same day. To do that, you must click on the + sign next to an already-created appointment slot. You can create as many appointment slots as you wish.