How to Create A Website Using Google Sites?

Google Sites is a popular free web page creation tool from Google. You can create websites and wikis using this application. It also has a paid option, which possesses more storage ability.

But the standard free option is more than enough to create unlimited websites. The only limitation present for the free version is that you can only attach content up to 20 MB in size.

Google Sites is available as part of Google’s Education and Business G-Suite. You need not pay any web hosting fee for using Google Sites.

The section below details how to create a website using Google Sites.

Creating a Website Using Google Sites

Step 1

Log in to your Google Account. Go to the Google Apps icon and click it open to reveal the options. From the options, click Open Google Sites.

Step 2

The home window of Google Sites appears. Many pre-made templates are available on the home page. You can choose any template to start with. If you plan on building your website from scratch, choose the Blank Document.

Step 3

Find the option to enter the Site Name at the top left of the window. Enter the name and click Enter.

Step 4

You can add a logo or image along the website name by clicking the Add Logo option.

Step 5

You can add your website's necessary content in the space below the title box.

Step 6

Once the content creation is over, find the Publish option at the top right part of the window and click it to save and publish the site successfully.

Step 7

If you like to rename your website in the future, you only have to go to your Google Sites home page, choose the concerned website, click the More option, and choose Rename option. Now a slot appears for you to enter the website’s new name. Once you finish the renaming, click OK to permanently change the website name.

Step 8

When you want to delete any website, go to the platform's home page, choose the required webpage, click the More option, and choose the Delete option.