How to Change License in Google Workspace?

A license is mandatory for users to start using the Google Workspace services. Only a person with a proper license can use Google Drive, Gmail, and other tools in Google Workspace.

A user can have a license for multiple services. However, more than one user cannot share or use one Google Workspace license. 

People or organizations with multiple licenses for the same service can change or shift between these licenses. 

There are two different ways to change the license in Google Workspace specifically. They are as follows:

  1. Through the Users list page
  2. Through the detail page of an individual user

Let’s look at them in detail.

Through the Users List Page

Step 1

Go to the Admin console of your Google Workspace account.

Step 2

Go to the Menu option available and choose the Directory option. Click on the Users option.

Step 3

You can see a box next to each of the user names. You should check the boxes of those whose license you want to change. 

Step 4

At the top of the window, find and click on the More option. From the options listed below, choose the Assign Licenses option.

Step 5

You can see an arrow next to those services that have multiple subscriptions. You can click on the Down Arrow to reveal the subscription list.

Step 6

Click on the license for that service whose subscription you want to assign.

Step 7

You can click the Assign option after choosing the licenses that must be changed. Now, the previous license types of the selected users are updated to the new ones.

Through the Detail Page of an Individual User

In this method, almost all the steps are similar to the previous way except for one. Instead of choosing the subscriptions to be changed by simply checking the boxes, you must click open an individual user's detail page. You must go to the More option on that page to assign and change licenses.

It is essential to click Save after making necessary changes on an individual detail page. It should also be remembered that the changes may take up to 24 hours to reflect on the Google Workspace services.