How to Change Date Format in AppSheet?

The Google Sheets Locale settings are responsible for controlling how time, price, percent, decimal, date/time and date values are entered into Google Sheets. 

When you take the case of a date value, let us consider that the locale is set to the United States. In this case, the dates are generally entered into MM/DD/YYYY format. On the other hand, when the locale is set to the United Kingdom, dates are entered in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Locale for AppSheet

When you configure the table settings, the localization section decides how the app orates and inscribes values from Google Sheets The data locale must go in line with the Google Sheets Locale. This makes sure that your app reads and writes date and time values to the Google Sheet in the appropriate locale format.

When you include a fresh table in your application with the help of an app editor, AppSheet instantly retrieves the local setting from Google Worksheet. Then, it sets the data locale setting in proportion to the data in the table.

In case, you later modify the locale setting in Google Sheets, AppSheet instantly retrieves the new setting from the worksheet. Then, it sets the data locale setting on the table appropriately. This will happen when the next time you open the app in the app editor.

How to Configure the Locale?

To configure the locals:

  • Ensure that the Google Sheet shows the appropriate locale. From the file menu in Google Sheets, choose Spreadsheet settings.
  • Now, you will be taken to the settings dialogue box.
  • Set the locale based on your location.
  • Ensure that the date format you need is correctly formatted in the Google Sheet.
  • You can do this, by choosing all the cells in the column that contains the data values.
  • From the format menu, choose the number and then the suitable style of formatting
  • For instance, for date values, choose a date and for time values choose time.

Now, add the Google worksheet as a table with the help of App Editor. AppSheet will instantly set the locale of the table to go in line with the locale in Google Worksheet. In case, you change Locale setting in Google Worksheet, AppSheet will instantly set the locale of the table to go in line with the Google Worksheet at the time of opening the application in the editor.