How to Add Column in AppSheet App?

When you create apps in AppSheet App, you will have to do a lot of data management. Under data management, you will have to manage columns.

Once you have tables in your editor, you can classify each column. Then, you can set properties to explain their behaviors and roles. When talking about columns, initially, you will have to view the column. Then comes its editing. The editing can be anything like adding new columns, deleting columns, modifying some cells, etc.

View and Edit Columns

To see and make changes to the columns in a table, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the app in the editor
  • Go to data and choose the table that you wish to view or edit in the list
  • Make changes to any of the column properties showing up
  • To edit, click the edit option to see the complete set of properties for a particular column
  • Save the app by choosing one of the points listed below:
    • Save for saving the app
    • Save and verify data for saving the app and verifying that you can run it based on external dependencies
  • You can also add virtual columns if required

In case, you make any modifications to the structure of the columns in your spreadsheet, you will have to engage in table regeneration. This ensures that the editor will take in the new data that you have added to your spreadsheet without getting caught in mistakes.

Now, you might ask how to regenerate the table. Here is how you will have to do it:

Table Regeneration

  1. Open the app in the editor
  2. Go to data and choose the table that you intend to regenerate
  3. Click on the reload the page in the table header
  4. Click on the Regenerate option to confirm the action
  5. Save the app by selecting either save/save & verify data

Otherwise, you can go to data and then position your cursor over the table that you intend to regenerate. Then, select more followed by regenerate.