How to Add an Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Two of the most popular online calendar management applications are Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. Both of them are available for individuals and organisations or businesses. Both of them feature many interesting services. One of the few differences is that Google Calendar is completely free, while you can access Outlook Calendar only if you have subscribed to a Microsoft Suite.

The following section provides step-by-step guidance on how to add an Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar. This ensures convenience for the user and avoids double booking.

Adding an Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

It is not possible to import the Outlook Calendar entirely to the Google Calendar so that any changes you make in the Outlook Calendar reflect on the Google Calendar. You can only import a snapshot of the calendar that you want to import.

Step 1

Go to your Outlook account and open the Calendar application. Click open the concerned calendar.

Step 2

At the top left corner, find the File option. Click on the File option. Choose the Save Calendar option.

Step 3

Find More Options and click it open.

Step 4

A window appears with a slot to provide Date Range. You can now enter the date range of the calendar that you want to import to Google Calendar. You can also choose the Whole Calendar option to import the whole calendar. But it may take time to download.

Step 5

You can also enter the details you want the imported Outlook Calendar to show in the window.

Step 6

Once all the changes are over, click OK and then the Save option. Your selected Outlook Calendar is now saved as an iCalendar file.

Step 7

Now, go to your Google account and click the Google Apps option to find Google Calendar.

Step 8

Go to the concerned Google Calendar. Click on the Settings icon.

Step 9

From the options that appear, choose the Settings option.

Step 10

Click on the Import & Export option.

Step 11

A window to select the file opens up. You can now choose the iCalendar file that you have previously created.

Step 12

Click the Import option and import the Outlook Calendar successfully.