How Google Docs can help with Task Management

Google Docs can immensely help you do task management. This article can help you in looking at a few ways to do so.

  1. Use the "To-do" feature: Google Docs has a built-in feature called "To-do" that allows you to create a list of tasks within a document. You can mark tasks as complete and move them to the bottom of the list. Additionally, you can delete them when they are no longer needed.
  2. Use Google Keep within Google Docs: Google Keep is kind of a sticky note and is very much accessible inside Google Docs. You can create a Google Keep note, add a list of tasks and mark them as completed when you need. You can also set reminders for yourself or assign tasks to others.
  3. Use Google Tasks: Google Tasks is a standalone task management tool that integrates with Google Docs. You can create a list of tasks within Google Tasks and check them off as you complete them. 
  4. Use a table within a Google Doc: If you prefer to use a more traditional task management format, you can create a table within a Google Doc and use it to track your tasks. You can add columns for task descriptions, due dates, and completion status, and you can use filters and formatting to help you organize and prioritise your tasks.
  5. Using building blocks within Google Docs: You can create building blocks within Google Docs by typing “@” based on your needs. You can insert blocks like Dropdown and tasks in the form of smart chips to do task management with Google Docs.