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How can Cloudasta save me money on my Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) licenses?

We will check for and identify any relevant special offers, discounts or promotions.

Cloudasta is an authorized Google Partner with access to special offers, discounts and/or  promotions from Google that we pass onto our customers.  

We will check for and identify any relevant savings for you using our proven process: 

  1. We review your current subscription details including: the product edition, subscription type and number of licenses.   
  2. We discuss any potential changes you're looking to make either with the product edition, subscription type, number of licenses or payment method and steer you in the right direction. 
    1. Product edition - we will help you compare and choose the edition that is best for your business and your budget. 
    2. Subscription type - We provide pricing for all subscription options (Flexible and 1-3 year commitments) and help you decide on the subscription type that meets your needs and budget. 
    3. Number of licenses - upon request, we will review your current license setup with you to make sure you have optimal license allocation. With this process, we typically find opportunities to better allocate licenses so our customers can save money. For example, many of our customers were not aware of the Archive User SKU (1/3 the cost of a regular license) before they started working with us.
    4. Payment method - Since Google only accepts credit card payments, we discuss if your business requires an alternative payment method. While Cloudasta also accepts credit card payments, Customers routinely bring their subscription over to Cloudasta when they prefer to pay via a payment method not offered by Google, such as: ACH bank transfer, wire transfer or even a check. 
  3. We review all current and upcoming promotions, discounts and special offers and build your quote within 48 hours.  
  4. You receive an official quote from Cloudasta showing your discounted license costs. 
  5. If you decide to proceed, simply sign the quote and we'll get right to work so we can start saving you money immediately! 

If you choose to work with a Partner, nothing changes about how you or your team use Google Workspace and there's no data migration or any downtime. Google simply associates your account with Cloudasta, please see here for more information. 

Interested in providing us with the opportunity to find you a cost-savings offer? 

Reach out to us at hello@cloudasta.com